[Volunteers] Question for the next Linux Conference on Oct, 15th.

Chris Verges chverges at cisco.com
Wed Sep 21 12:04:27 PDT 2005

Joseph Liou wrote:

> I am a college student who is trying to install Linux on my system to
> instead of Win32. 

Hey Joseph,

The webmaster alias is probably the wrong one to use for this question.
You should look into the svlug at svlug.org mailing list, which is used for
more general purpose discussions.

However, in answer to your question as to whether or not the VIA
processors are supported under Linux, I believe they are x86 compatible,
so you should have no problems running standard x86 distributions on
your laptop. I would suggest looking into either Knoppix or Fedora Core
4, however, as a test. If either of those work, then you should be good
to go.


Chris Verges
chverges at cisco.com
408 525-0401

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