[Volunteers] Question for the next Linux Conference on Oct, 15th.

Joseph Liou jliou0228 at hotmail.com
Wed Sep 21 11:12:45 PDT 2005

I am a college student who is trying to install Linux on my system to 
instead of Win32.
My Lap Top information is:
RAM 128 MB
LCD 14.1 "xGA
Optical CD-Rom
4 cell batteries
Most people are using Intel's CPU, so I am worry about that my computer 
could be installed or not?
I just hope to not to bring my computer there, then find out nothing is 
working on it.

MSN ¬Ûï´£¨Ñ±z³Ì²³æªº¤è¦¡¤À¨É¨Ã¦C¦L±zªº¬Û¤ù¡A½Ð²¾¦Ü : 

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