[Volunteers] Slauth up on CPAN

Ian Kluft ikluft at thunder.sbay.org
Tue Sep 13 17:23:14 PDT 2005

I uploaded my "Slauth" Perl module to CPAN last night.  The CPAN volunteers
informed me today that it was also accepted for listing on the Perl Modules
List.  It does authentication/authorization for Apache 2 under mod_perl.

This is the module we had talked about which allows subscribers of a Mailman
list to self-register for authenticated web access.  I'll work with Heather,
Paul and Bill on installing it on the SVLUG server.  Heather has some Wiki
software she wants to install for SVLUG.  But we wanted to limit write access
so only SVLUG list subscribers have write access.

Source, RPMs, SRPMs, etc are available at http://www.slauth.org/
You can also install "Slauth" and "Slauth::Register::Mailman" direct
from CPAN.  It's working its way around to all the mirrors right now.

Besides the work on the SVLUG site, anyone else is also welcome to help
test and improve it.  I set up user and developer mail lists.

This module has been in use for up to a year and a half at several domains
hosted on my co-lo.  But today is its first attempt to "leave the nest."

I had to be careful about how I did this transition - so it took some time.
Since the module is in active use on my co-lo server, I couldn't break the
installation.  I scraped the files out of their ad-hoc operating directory
and packaged them up.  I finally transitioned the running installation to
use RPMs made from the modules' tarballs with cpan2rpm.  After that tested
OK, I uploaded the tarballs to CPAN.

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