[Volunteers] idea for "nifty of the month"

Paul Reiber reiber at gmail.com
Fri Sep 9 23:10:02 PDT 2005

I was blown away by a pretty awesome piece of technology recently and
think it's worth sharing.  TiddlyWiki is, in a nutshell, Javascript
that implements a "wiki"-ish interface without any server-side
support.  http://tiddlywiki.com/

A close friend has made numerous functional and UI improvements to the
basic system.
http://www.elsdesign.com/tiddlywiki/  My own version of tiddlywiki
incorporates his improvements and internalizes all of the background
graphic references (you can attach gifs/jpgs and even pdfs to
"tiddlers", aka "topics" held inside the document) so I only need
to move one file around.  I keep it on a USB stick.

I would be happy to present TiddlyWiki as the "nifty of the month" at
the next SVLUG meeting.  It's not Linux specific... but it does run
great in Firefox.

-Paul Reiber
Co-founder, Open Country, Inc.
preiber at opencountry.com

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