[Volunteers] Software Freedom Day...

Paul Reiber reiber at gmail.com
Fri Sep 9 00:41:55 PDT 2005

J. Paul Reed wrote, in a wide-open way: [& I beg forgiveness for
xposting everywhere -pbr]
> Software Freedom Day is this Friday.   I was [considering] an informal Hack Fest 
> [... helping] people work on open source projects.    Thoughts?

Paul - How big is this "Software Freedom Day" thing?   ... Let's act globally!

Silicon Valley gets attention just because we're Silicon Valley. Maybe
the tail can
wag the dog? Maybe we can get lots of free software people working one ONE 
single, simple, achievable goal this Saturday?

My recommendation would be to have EVERYONE help implement changes 
to websites EVERYWHERE to help point needy New Orleans refugees and those
willing to help them at craigslist.com where they can communicate their needs.  
This makes at least as much sense as the links aiming people toward sites where 
they can contribute money to relief organizations.

Craig Newmark will forgive me.  I promise!   Let's give the refugees a
better solution
than FEMA's lame little Internet-Explorer-Six-Only approach.

I have high hopes that we can somehow help make this happen.  I
encourage everyone
reading this email to share it across EVERY open source forum TODAY so
we can all
help implement changes  to links on web portals everywhere TOMORROW.

-Paul Reiber
reiber at gmail.com

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