[Volunteers] call for ideas

Ian Kluft ikluft at thunder.sbay.org
Thu Sep 1 16:21:24 PDT 2005

On Thu, Sep 01, 2005 at 11:41:44AM -0700, Paul Reiber wrote:
> Regarding the disaster in New Orleans
> A few deposed friends of mine are surrounded by over 300,000 
> other homeless people in Baton Rouge right now.  

Definitely a good idea passing this on to the group...  Let's find a way
to help some of them.

I know I don't yet completely grasp the magnitude of this.  If there's a
historian around to confirm this, I think there probably hasn't been a
major American city destroyed by a disaster like this since the 1906
earthquake leveled much of the Bay Area.  Yes, that was here.  But it
was 99 years ago.  So that's before our time...

> I've asked them to travel west, with a promise of shelter, food, and 
> an internet feed to find work via craigslist.com 

...or any other sources that are available online.  I just recently
changed jobs.  I had been looking at Craigslist daily.  But the job
I found was via hotlinuxjobs.com, whom I had seen on the SVLUG jobs list.
Granted, I had some luck that a company interesting to me and looking
for someone with my skills contacted them at the same time I did.
I realize that scenario doesn't happen every day.  Still, I was very
happy with Brent at hotlinuxjobs.com, who called me as soon as he noticed
the fortunate coincidence, 45 minutes after I filled in the web form.
He was helpful and professional through the whole process.  (It had
been 10 years since I changed jobs so there were definitely some tips
I could use.)

If advice like that (and similar advice from others here) can help any of
the New Orleans refugess, that would probably be useful.

> BEYOND that... I'd like to make this call for ideas - what can you 
> think of doing to help out?  Is there anything that SVLUG can do,
> help coordinate, etc.?
> We have some resources (servers, bandwidth, mailinglists, concerned 
> individuals, time, skills)   We have some "sponsor" companies who might 
> jump on a bandwagon if there WAS one.  And most importantly, we have 
> good intentions.  
> I welcome your ideas, comments, etc. Please help me help, if you can.

I'll make sbay.org's server available for any such applications.  I wouldn't
doubt that SVLUG's server will be too, but that's up to SVLUG's officers.

Given the scope of the disaster, I should even consider clearing out the
spare bedroom in my house that's currently half desk space, half storage.
It was once occupied for a few months by a friend who was a "refugee" of
the economic downturn in 2001 who almost had to move out of the Bay Area.
It was the help he needed to get back on his feet.  (The room is too
small for long-term occupancy.)

What else can we do?

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