[Volunteers] Posting info about Linux courses at Evergreen Valley College

Eisenberg, J. David David.Eisenberg at evc.edu
Wed Aug 31 08:09:09 PDT 2005

Is there some way for me to post info on the SVLUG site about the Linux courses at Evergreen Valley College? (Introduction to UNIX/Linux, Shell scripting, and System Administration)

We've modified them to be self-paced lab courses instead of lecture/lab.  Also, instead of a single 16-week course, they are split into three 5-week modules. The courses are designed for people like to learn on their own, but with an instructor available to assist them. Since the classes are in five-week segments, you can either start on Sept. 6th (when the Evergreen Valley College Semester starts) or five weeks later.

More details are at http://evc-cit.info/abc-labs
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