[Volunteers] feedback from SVLUG website

Rick Moen rick at linuxmafia.com
Thu Aug 25 13:10:00 PDT 2005

Quoting Randy Forston (rforston at earthlink.net):

> Webmaster:
> I'd like to see Ubuntu Linux and their sponsoring company, Canonical
> Ltd., added to the SVLUG Sponsors page.
> I have 15 complete OS packages to provide to Installfest with more
> coming, if desired.  Most packages are Intel, but I also have AMD 64
> and a few Apple Mac versions, with more available if needed.
> Will you be at the general meeting this month? If so, we can discuss
> this at that time.

Hi, Randy.  I personally will try to make the next general meeting --
but you should discuss SVLUG sponsorships with the elected officers, 
J. Paul Reed and Bill Ward.  You can reach just them at
officers at lists.svlug.org, or you can speak to all of SVLUG's principal
volunteers by e-mailing {webmaster at svlug.org|volunteers at lists.svlug.org} .  
(Those two go to the same place.)

My point is that sponsorship entails financial support or something
equivalent.  E.g., in the past, we added VA Linux Systems as a sponsor
of record because of Web hosting provided by that firm (if memory

My estimation is that, although everyone's delighted with Canonical, Ltd.'s
policy of furnishing free CD-ROM sets to LUGs, that alone would not be
considered to make them a sponsor.  But, really, Paul and Bill are the
people who can really speak to that.

Best Regards,
Rick M.

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