[Volunteers] Symantec/Veritas

Ian Kluft ikluft at thunder.sbay.org
Fri Aug 19 23:00:22 PDT 2005

On Fri, Aug 19, 2005 at 11:52:21AM -0700, Margaret Wendall wrote:
> I'll need to change the location in the meeting notice I sent yesterday to 
> KLIV-KRTY, but that won't be hard.
> Thanks to Ian for locating this new means of getting our meeting notices 
> before the public. I can't tell *when* KLIV will broadcast the notice, but 
> they say "we do it as time allows." (Perhaps yesterday's acid spill on 101 
> near Blossom Hill bumped some notices off?)

You're welcome Margaret.  I'll monitor and see if I can catch them too.

I think realistically we should expect the free announcements to be more
at slow times of the day when all the paying advertisers aren't already
lined up for the time.  They probably have to do something like that to
stay in business.

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