[Volunteers] (forw) Re: [svlug] Hacking Society Meeting Minutes

J. Paul Reed preed at svlug.org
Wed Aug 17 23:08:25 PDT 2005

On 17 Aug 2005 at 19:16:18, Rick Moen arranged the bits on my disk to say:

> Quoting Bill Kendrick (nbs at sonic.net):
> > As for the volunteer meeting location, I'm happy
> > with Pedro's (that's what they're called, right?)
> If memory serves, last time people were very annoyed with a very cheeky
> and basically undisclosed policy of adding an automatic 20% (?) tip to
> the tab for our size of group.


Pedro's is out. For a number of reasons.

The last bill of $100+ just clinched the deal.

Silicon Valley Linux Users' Group
preed at svlug.org

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