[Volunteers] (forw) Re: [svlug] Hacking Society Meeting Minutes

Bill Kendrick nbs at sonic.net
Wed Aug 17 18:38:01 PDT 2005

On Wed, Aug 17, 2005 at 06:14:55PM -0700, Heather Stern wrote:
> The other disads are that it's a fairly small location, and easy for a
> smaller group to hog the only large table before we get there;  there's no 
> ability to reserve it.  In fact the volunteers group we have so far might
> fill most of the place.

Actually, I thought the discussion was a meeting location for the
SVLUG Hacking Society.  As for the volunteer meeting location, I'm happy
with Pedro's (that's what they're called, right?)

bill at newbreedsoftware.com

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