[Volunteers] [2e764@mikesoffice.org: Re: [Lug-nuts] Meetings, Other Lugs]

Chris Verges chverges at cisco.com
Sun Jul 31 20:32:30 PDT 2005

Ian Kluft wrote:

>I would *not* recommend starting this at the August meeting.  Christian Hammond admits he's nervous about speaking in front of a group as large as SVLUG.  We should try to make sure it's a positive experience for him with minimal or no surprises.
Not to mention that this meeting will be the first where we roll out the 
new Internet availability for everyone.  I'd rather not shove a whole 
bunch of tech changes into the meetings at the same time.  :-)  But I'm 
more curious as to why ya'll want streams of the meetings.  While I 
understand it would be a neat thing, do we really have a large enough 
base of users that would actually access it?  Perhaps we can do a survey 
at the next meeting to see what others think?

Chris Verges
chverges at cisco.com
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