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Ian Kluft ikluft at thunder.sbay.org
Sun Jul 31 20:12:38 PDT 2005

On Sun, Jul 31, 2005 at 06:17:29PM -0700, Chris Verges wrote:
> Bill Kendrick wrote:
> >Michael Long from SacLUG is asking about SVLUG video streams of meetings, I believe.  I'm not familiar with them, but I'm passing it along here, to the 'volunteers' list.  Any comments?
> >
>  From a technical standpoint, it's very do-able.  I have most of the 
> equipment that we would need to multicast it out to the Internet.  
> (Unicast to my server, multicast from there.)  Then there's the point of 
> keeping archives, but even that is not difficult.
> However, there are all kinds of privacy issues that come up with these 
> sorts of things.  For instance, what if the presenter doesn't want the 
> info to be published?  What if someone in the audience doesn't want to 
> be on tape?  Things like this ....
> Let's chat about this before/after the next SVLUG meeting ... I'd be 
> interested in hearing what SacLUG does.

The multicast streams was something we experimented with in 1999.  I still
have the made-for-musicians portable 19" rack with a computer and a
flea-market video switcher in it, that I assembled for that purpose.  
The rack-mount computer would need to be replaced with a modern one.
The video switcher, while old, will switch the computer's video capture
card's input between several video streams from an array of cameras in
the room.  I never had more than a few cameras.

One of the problems that we had at the time is getting the whole thing
lifted into my truck, with the particular problem being at my home.
I had used a plywood sheet as a ramp but it worked better when someone
just met me here at load and unload times and lifted it on.

This setup could also just record the meeting for later distribution on
the web site (if there's disk space), VCD or DVD.

I would *not* recommend starting this at the August meeting.  Christian
Hammond admits he's nervous about speaking in front of a group as large
as SVLUG.  We should try to make sure it's a positive experience for him
with minimal or no surprises.

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