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Chris Verges chverges at cisco.com
Sun Jul 31 18:17:29 PDT 2005

Bill Kendrick wrote:

>Michael Long from SacLUG is asking about SVLUG video streams of meetings, I believe.  I'm not familiar with them, but I'm passing it along here, to the 'volunteers' list.  Any comments?
 From a technical standpoint, it's very do-able.  I have most of the 
equipment that we would need to multicast it out to the Internet.  
(Unicast to my server, multicast from there.)  Then there's the point of 
keeping archives, but even that is not difficult.

However, there are all kinds of privacy issues that come up with these 
sorts of things.  For instance, what if the presenter doesn't want the 
info to be published?  What if someone in the audience doesn't want to 
be on tape?  Things like this ....

Let's chat about this before/after the next SVLUG meeting ... I'd be 
interested in hearing what SacLUG does.


Chris Verges
chverges at cisco.com
408 525-0401

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