[Volunteers] Volunteers Digest, Vol 5, Issue 27

J. Paul Reed preed at svlug.org
Sat Jul 23 16:31:32 PDT 2005

On 23 Jul 2005 at 00:11:24, Karsten M. Self arranged the bits on my disk to say:

> More seriously, a yellow '5 minutes' and red '1 minute' placard held by
> someone visible to the speaker, say in the front row, might be the cheap
> low-tech solution.

This is what I suggested; except, we need more spread out timing
information, i.e. 30 minutes, 15 minutes, 5 minutes.

I was against the timer idea as described originally (a kitchen timer,
which led me to think of this thing my mother has, which is a cow that
turns on a base, and has a delightfully skull wrenching ding), because I
thought there'd be a buzzer involved. I guess others were just thinking of
a timer, no-buzzer, which is cool.

Someone mentioned (and I think this is a good point) that the problem with
cards (and timers) is that someone has to bring them to each meeting,
meaning someone is responsible for coming to each meeting. 

Anyway, I'm sure whatever Bill K. comes up with will be great.

> Another is to run a moderated Q&A at the end of the presentation, where
> the moderator tends to know when to wind things down more than a speaker
> might.

We didn't want to constrain how speakers take questions (during vs. after).

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