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Webmaster vlasishost.com webmaster at vlasishost.com
Thu Jul 21 00:31:00 PDT 2005

I have found your website svlug.org by searching Google for "php compiler". I think our websites has a similar theme, so I have already added your link to my website. 
You can find your link here: 

 Your link: http://lists.svlug.org/pipermail/svlug/2003-May/044420.html
 Your link title: [svlug] Email and PHP compiler
I would like you to add our link to your website too. 
 Our link: http://www.vlasishost.com/news/php-compiler.html
 Our link title: Vlasishost.com | Php Compiler
 Description: HTML History, PHP History, PHP Programming, PHP Basics, HTML Code
You can approve and modify your listing anytime by clicking link below:
If you will not approve your listing in 10 days, link will be automatically removed.
Why it is important to exchange links?
 - more links will increase your website popularity
 - more links will increase your PageRank
 - The more links you have - the more your website is important to search engines
 - The more your website is important to search engines - the more visitors you get
 - More visitors increase your sales and your website will become more popular
Why it is important to exchange links with us?
 - Our website has similar theme like yours
 - Our website gets more that 3000 visitors every day (your website may receive some free visitors from our website too)
 - Our website has quality content
 - Our website is hosted on dedicated IP
 - Our website has a lot incoming links from other similar themed domains
I wish you the best with your project and believe this link exchange can be useful for our websites by seeking better search engine ranking. If you have any questions, do not hesitate, contact me.
Jeff P.
webmaster at vlasishost.com

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