[Volunteers] SVLUG Volunteers meeting minutes, 20 June 2005

J. Paul Reed preed at svlug.org
Wed Jul 20 21:00:21 PDT 2005

SVLUG Volunteer Meeting 
21 June 2005
In attendance:

Jim Dennis - JD
Melissa Hardenbrook -MH
Bill Kendrick - BK
Ian Kluft - IK
Rick Moen - RM
Paul Reed - JPR
Paul Reiber - PR
Heather Stern - HS
Chris Verghes - CV
Rob Walker - RW

Discussion areas: meetings, mailing list policies, website, outreach


1. "Nifty of the Month"

1a. The new "Nifty of the Month" is generally going well. We want more
interactivity during this part of the meeting. We'll play with this next

1b. JPR will be presenting screen.

2. Food at the Meeting

2a. Discussed whether or not we could/should have snacks at the meeting,
during the first half hour.

ACTION_ITEM: JPR to check with Symantec about food rules at the location,
whether or not we can bring our own, possibly get it sponsored, etc.

3. Wirless at the next meeting: 

3a. It will be restricted, per CV's 7 July volunteers@ email.

3b. We'll announce that the tables at the back of the room are for people
w/ laptops, and give preference to those people (for power and noise
reduction reasons).

3c. JPR is concerned about Internet being too distracting; we'll monitor
for a copule of months and revisit the issue.   

4. Speakers

4a. Need to find a way to gather speaker preferences (questions
before/after, etc.

4b. Need to find a way to indicate time left to speakers.

ACTION_ITEM: BK will handle both 4a and 4b.


1. Some confusion about where webmaster@ email goes? It should continue to
go to volunteers@, but we need to examine moderation issues.

ACTION_ITEM: JPR/Bill Ward: discuss moderation issues w/ volunteers@,
including can we whitelist webmaster email, so no moderation is required,
can/should we add moderators for volunteers@, is/should there be a
webmaster->volunteers moderation policy?

ACTION_ITEM: JPR/IK: get SBAY.org paperwork done, including the SVLUG

ACITON_ITEM: HS will rewrite new policies; we're shooting for a draft by 25
July, so the issue can be closed.


Update from HS and IK:

1. Example theme/installation at http://gemini.starshine.org/SVLUG/ 2.
wiki.sbay.org is using SLAUTH.

ACTION_ITEM: HS, IK, JPR, Bill Ward: Solidify migration plan to


1. Pixnix

1a. Picnix needs our help; see BK's email for more info:

2. Sat, 10 September is Software Freedom Day; we want to do something for

3. Large printouts can be sent to CV (max of 5); we'd probably like to get
a couple for meetings ("SVLUG this way", etc)

4. Distributing Picnix fliers; we'd like to do a shadow flier for SVLUG as

ACTION_ITEM: HS/BK: come up with a shadow flier for SVLUG

5. Other outreach ideas: conferences, Open Country/USENIX, ISSA,
Universities, Classes. See http://lugod.org/projects/ for example LUG

5a. Other specific ideas include: a booth at the DeAnza Flee Market.

ACTION_ITEM: IK will investigate how to get a booth

5b. Any Windows conferences in the Bay Area? We could attend those!

ACTION_ITEM: RM will investigate...

5c. SVLUG-sponsored contributions to open source software projects;
leveraging Hacking Society to do this?

Silicon Valley Linux Users' Group
preed at svlug.org

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