[Volunteers] List policies

William R Ward bill at svlug.org
Mon Jul 18 12:10:54 PDT 2005

OK, I get it.

I'll come up with a new draft that addresses various concerns by:

 1. Moving all non-policy issues (e.g. netiquette suggestions) to a
    separate document, which can be moved into the Wiki when/if we get
    one.  (Ian and Heather were going to work on TWiki and MoinMoin
    proposals - any progress there?)

 2. Clarifying procedure for what happens if one is naughty.
    Basically, an officer (for whatever definition of "officer" we
    settle on finally) will contact the miscreant with a warning
    message, saying that if he or she repeats the offense, he or she
    will be placed on moderated status, removed from the list, and/or
    banned from the list depending on the severity of the crime and
    whether he or she has been a problem before.

As for the Mailman configuration issues regarding the archives and
list of subscribers, since I have not heard anyone say they are
worried about keeping their email addresses private, I will assume I
was being overly protective and will go ahead and open those options
up to public view (for the Volunteers list).  As Rick says, lurkers
can still opt out by setting their Mailman configuration options
accordingly.  If you don't like this idea, say so now or suffer the


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