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Karsten M. Self kmself at ix.netcom.com
Fri Jul 15 23:37:15 PDT 2005

on Fri, Jul 15, 2005 at 11:16:05PM -0700, William R Ward (bill at svlug.org) wrote:
> Karsten M. Self writes:
> >Comments below.  No issues w/ elided content...
> Thanks for the review.  It was pretty late at night and I agree the
> language could be better in some areas.  I mostly agree with all the
> ideas, so I feel no need to comment on any in particular.
> The only point where we clearly disagree is on the issue of who should
> handle netiquette violations.  I strongly feel it should come from a
> central source.  The last thing we need is for someone to top-post and
> get email reprimands from a half dozen people, with varying levels of
> tact.  You personally tend to do a pretty good job when you correct
> someone on such things, but we can't assume that everyone will do so,
> and I *really* don't want multiple people doing it.
> Perhaps it need not be an Officer in the sense of Pres / VP - it could
> be one of the "appointed officer" type roles.  But it should come from
> a single source, who has the authority to speak for the group.

As Rick noted, if the enforcement/chiding is centralized, then there
must be pains made to see that the enforcement _does_ happen.

I don't see how a gentle reminder to not top post, to start new threads,
or to wrap lines, goes too far astray, particularly if made in the
context of a relevant response.

Talking to those who are, um, too overzealous in their actions (or
otherwise inappropriate) is fair.

And n00bs who suddenly hear from a fistfuul of old hands that This Is
Not Done (preferably in the "gentle but firm reminder" voice) tend to
take the hint.  The fact that the stick is wrapped in the carrot of
helpful advice tends to soften the blow.


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