[Volunteers] Ideas for list policies

William R Ward bill at svlug.org
Fri Jul 15 23:16:05 PDT 2005

Karsten M. Self writes:
>Comments below.  No issues w/ elided content...

Thanks for the review.  It was pretty late at night and I agree the
language could be better in some areas.  I mostly agree with all the
ideas, so I feel no need to comment on any in particular.

The only point where we clearly disagree is on the issue of who should
handle netiquette violations.  I strongly feel it should come from a
central source.  The last thing we need is for someone to top-post and
get email reprimands from a half dozen people, with varying levels of
tact.  You personally tend to do a pretty good job when you correct
someone on such things, but we can't assume that everyone will do so,
and I *really* don't want multiple people doing it.

Perhaps it need not be an Officer in the sense of Pres / VP - it could
be one of the "appointed officer" type roles.  But it should come from
a single source, who has the authority to speak for the group.

William R. Ward - Vice President, Silicon Valley Linux Users Group
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