[Volunteers] Ideas for list policies

William R Ward bill at svlug.org
Fri Jul 15 02:30:33 PDT 2005

Here is a rough draft of a new list policies page, presented for
comments. I took the existing page, trimmed it down a lot and
reogranized it a bit.  The links are represented as [link] here, which
you can easily guess or find the equivalent place on the existing

SVLUG Mailing List Policies

Mailing Lists.  SVLUG has the following mailing lists, all of which
are open for you to subscribe to.  Click the list name to reach the
subscription page for each list.  Before subscribing, however, please
read the guidelines and rules listed below.

  - svlug: General discussion among SVLUG members.  Announcements allowed
    with officer approval only.  No job offer postings.
  - svlug-announce: Announcements of SVLUG-related events only by
    SVLUG officers.
  - jobs: Job offers may be posted here.  See the [link]Jobs Policy
    page for more information.
  - volunteers: Planning and discussion among the officers and
    volunteers who make SVLUG run.


  The SVLUG discussion list has hundreds of readers and at times can
  have a lot of traffic, so please follow customary netiquette
  standards. [link to external netiquette doc?]

  If you have a concern about netiquette violations by any poster,
  please send mail to officers at svlug.org and we will handle the
  matter.  Do not contact the person about it directly.

Other Resources

  In addition to its mailing lists, SVLUG offers other ways to help you:

  IRC (Internet Relay Chat): The SVLUG IRC channel, #svlug at
  irc.freenode.net, can be a great place to get help with a Linux
  problem.  It was founded in August 1999 by Drew Bloechl.

  In person: Come to the next SVLUG [link]installfest and ask for help
  in person.  Also you may be able to get some help at our regular
  meetings, especially at the dinner afterward.

List Policies

  Please follow these policies on our mailing lists.  Failure to do so
  may be grounds for being removed from the list and/or banned from

  * Keep messages on-topic: subjects about Linux or likely to be of
    interest to Linux users in Silicon Valley.

  * No job offer postings except on the jobs list.  No non-SVLUG-related
    announcements without prior approval from an officer.

  * Be mindful that we have a large international audience as well as
    a large number of people in Silicon Valley.

  * To save on bandwidth, do not post document attachments.  Copy and
    paste small text attachments, and/or include a Web address where
    interested readers can find the document.  Exceptions: Vcards (but
    they are discouraged) and PGP / GnuPG signatures.

  * Post in plain text, not HTML and not "both text and HTML."  See
    G.E. Boyd's excellent "Configuring Mail Clients to Send Plain
    ASCII Text" [link]Web page ([link]mirror copy) for instructions
    concerning all popular mail clients.

  * When replying, put your comments BELOW the quoted text, not above
    it.  Also, trim any part of the quoted text that does not directly
    relate to your reply, including the signature and extra blank
    lines (people can consult the list archives for more context if
    needed).  As a rule of thumb, the quoted text should be no more
    than 50% of the total text.  The only exception should be if you
    are forwarding a message from somewhere else, and adding a small
    note to the top.

    Note to Windows users: free-to-download add-ins exist for [link]MS
    Outlook and for [link]MS Outlook Express to make them quote
    properly.  Or just use a different client: we suggest
    [link]Mozilla Thunderbird, which is cross platform, and mutt, a
    Unix console-mode client.

  * Do not flame or attack other people.  If you have an objection to
    someone's behavior, report it to officers at svlug.org; do not take
    it into your own hands.

  * Be mindful that everything you post to the mailing list is being
    sent out to hundreds of people and is archived for all to see.
    Do not post something you will regret later.

  * If your reply is not of interest to the mailing list in general,
    reply directly to the person rather than to the mailing list.
    Only send messages to the list that are of general interest.

General Suggestions

  In addition, here are some tips that may be of help:

  * Please do not crosspost messages between SVLUG and other forums.
    If you must post the same content in two places, send two emails
    rather than CC'ing both lists.  Why?  If you cross-post and people
    reply to your message, they may end up sending mail to lists that
    they are not on, which might cause a bounce message.

  * Use TO or CC, not BCC, when posting to the lists, to make it
    easier for people to filter the mailing list mail into its own box.

  * If you need help filtering list mail into a separate mailbox, see
    the [link]Mail Filtering FAQ

William R. Ward - Vice President, Silicon Valley Linux Users Group
bill at svlug.org - http://www.svlug.org - (650) 279-9904

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