[Volunteers] Volunteers list subscription policy clarified

Rick Moen rick at linuxmafia.com
Thu Jul 14 21:04:05 PDT 2005

Quoting William R Ward (bill at svlug.org):

> In the past Rick has made the statement that the Volunteers list is a
> closed list that requires moderator approval to join.  I have been
> assuming he was correct in saying so, and that it had been Paul's
> policy to make it so.  But apparently that is false on both counts: I
> just logged into the mailman administration tool for Volunteers and
> verified that the Subscribe Policy is set as "Confirm" - so there is
> no admin approval required to join.

Unless you gave the listadmin password to somebody else, this means that
either _you_ changed it, or that Paul changed it.  (Regardless of who,
nobody bothered to mention the change.)

Among other ways I know of this:  I got put by one of you guys, for
several weeks following your March 27 mailing list changes, on the
"mailman-owner at lists.svlug.org" mailing list, which means I kept getting
(among other notices I couldn't do anything about) administrative
notices of _pending subscription requests_ to volunteers at lists.svlug.org.  

That means pending _your_ or Paul's approval of those subscription
requests, as the listadmins -- because that's how this mailing list was
set up.  Thus my comments.

You may recall that I advised you of this fact -- citing "pending
subscription requests" for volunteers@, _not_ officers@ -- on March 29,
in my e-mail to Marc Merlin that he then forwarded to
officers at lists.svlug.org .  Do you need me to send you another copy, to
refresh your memory?

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