[Volunteers] Undisclosed banned discussion topics (was: yum extender)

William R Ward bill at svlug.org
Thu Jul 14 17:36:53 PDT 2005

Rick Moen writes:
>Quoting William R Ward (bill at svlug.org):
>> In other words, there is a difference of opinion between Paul and Rick
>> about what the word "officer" means...  Paul, what do you call people
>> like Rick who perform a specific task for SVLUG (i.e. webmastering)
>> but are not officers?
>Certainly, Paul is empowered to redefine the terms SVLUG uses and discard
>(if he wishes) our old meanings of same.  I just wanted to point out
>that you two guys _have_ in fact redefined this one -- without
>discussion or consultation of anyone else.  (Not that change isn't often
>good, but I'll mention again that it's part of the pattern of you two
>having lunch and then rearranging things without consulting or informing 
>anyone else, like the night in late March when I suddenly discovered
>that my web-team mailing listadmin password didn't work, that the list
>seemed to be suddenly missing, and I had to figure out why, for myself.)

I would like to be clear on one thing: It isn't "you two guys" who has
redefined anything.  Paul is the President; he makes the decisions.
He includes me in certain discussions, but the final decision is his.

>> I think the structure should extend to recognizing the contributions
>> of those whom Rick is calling "appointed officers" in some way.
>Whom _I'm_ calling that?
>Um, Bill?  If you for some reason are choosing to disbelieve me, that
>SVLUG has had appointive officers for a dog's age, then you need only
>ask Don Marti.  Or Marc Merlin.  Or Ben Spade.  Or Rob Walker.  Or Dan

In the message YOU wrote, YOU used that term.  That's all I meant.
The context is a difference of opinion between YOU and Paul as to the
meaning of the term "officer."

>> Quaere: How does the sbay.org constitution address the issue of SIG's
>> having appointed officers?
>Um, Bill?  As I've mentioned to you before, a key precondition of SVLUG
>affiliating with sbay.org was that sbay was not to intrude on SVLUG's 
>internal affairs.  No matter who (I notice) suddenly turns out to own 
>our domain name.

Paul mentioned sbay.org and I was asking for more information on that


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