[Volunteers] Undisclosed banned discussion topics (was: yum extender)

Chris Verges chverges at cisco.com
Wed Jul 13 12:18:46 PDT 2005

William R Ward wrote:

>I think we should reinstate that list.  Perhaps we can start with
>people describing what they'd like to be called, as Chris did in his
>latest message to this list.
Oh, then I'd like to be called "God".  :-)  I was JUST KIDDING about the 
title thing.  Like Heather, I prefer to work in the background ... I 
feel like more can get accomplished outside the main channels 
sometimes.  (That in and of itself may be a bad indicator, but I don't 
refer to that specifically with the SVLUG; this tends to be the case 
with lots of things.)

>>My Star Trek/24th century LUG list policies can be found at 
>Again, I think SVLUG is a much higher-profile group and so is more likely to attract trouble.
SVLUG is higher profile than a Star Trek group?!  Sir, you insult me and 
every other Klingon-wannabe out there.  ;-)  I don't think it has 
anything to do with being "high profile" ... I think that the policies 
of any group (mailing or otherwise) simply reflect the majority attitude 
of that group.  (Which strangely enough is a recursive problem that 
sometimes can lead to exclusion, but that's a double edged sword.)  Like 
with any democratic/republic process or marriage, everyone will not 
agree all of the time.

However, on this note, should we be polling the group at meetings for 
their input to these things?  Such as coming up with a voting ballot 
(checkboxes only so we don't hit a Flordia issue) with issues raised on 
the volunteers/officers list each month and let them speak their peace.  
This would only be for the major stuff that arises on the 
volunteers/officers lists, but it would allow the issues to be brought 
to the group as a whole and not just the subset subscribed to these 
lists.  (Hell even a web-based voting system.  Do we really need great 
security, or would Diebold be ok?)  ;-)

Just a thought,

Chris Verges
chverges at cisco.com
408 525-0401

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