[Volunteers] [Officers] Wireless Access Point for meetings

Chris Verges chverges at cisco.com
Tue Jul 12 17:27:47 PDT 2005

Chris Verges wrote:

>We can provide internal DHCP ... I'm not sure if the access point itself provides NAT services, but I can easily have a little 800 series router that we use for that.  No worries, I'll set this up.  :-)
As promised, I have acquired a Cisco 1700 series router that is 
end-of-life -- and therefore labelled as "trash" -- to act as our 
NAT/DHCP gateway.  The 1700 will distribute addresses from the range over the wireless network.  The uplink to 
Symantec/Veritas will get its address via DHCP from Symantec/Vertias' 
network, so we can roll with the punches (so to speak).  NAPT (NAT with 
Port Translation) is then performed from to whatever 
address DHCP assigns to us for the meeting.

The only caveat is that I had to statically set the DNS servers in the 
DHCP leases we give to the SVLUG clients internally.  I used my home box 
( and the Georgia Tech DNS server (  I 
don't know if this will work on Symantec/Veritas' network ... can we 
check with the folks over there?  (If not, I need the address of their 
internal DNS server.)

>Absolutely.  If you give me the server's DNS and/or IP addresses along with the IRC TCP/UDP port(s), I can allow access only to that specific host.  That should be enough security, I think.  I've just never used IRC, so I don't even know the port ranges needed.
I also looked this up and managed to get the port ranges for IRC, so 
that has been added to the access list.  You can now get to your 
favorite IRC server/channels while at the meeting.

Oh, and if we're handing out titles for volunteer positions, can I be 
labelled "Network Monkey?"  I like that.  ;-)  (Just a joke, btw ...)


Chris Verges
chverges at cisco.com
408 525-0401

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