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I am writing in regards to the Linux/Knoppix Expo Abco Technology will be
holding in August. We will be holding this seminar at a local Hotel
conference room in the Los Angeles area. Our aim for attendance is a
conservative rate of 100 people; each person will have their own individual
lap-top and will receive a copy of the latest Knoppix CD.  The seminar is
being presented by a 20 year veteran instructor from Abco Technology named
Steve Stansfield along with possible attendance by Dr. James Stanger who is
the Director of US business Development for the Linux Professional Institute
<http://www.lpi.org/> www.lpi.org . I'm contacting you to invite your
company to participate with a booth at our seminar. There is a flat fee of
$499 for your personal booth set up and for individual participation in the
seminar there is a $199 fee, the seminar will be a direct contrast of
Microsoft vs. Linux. This is going to be an exciting conference you will not
want to miss. Please contact me as soon as practical for information on this
seminar as booth and student availability is limited.


Thank you for your time,



Heather C. Bell

Marketing Manager


Abco Consulting Inc.

6733 Sepulveda Blvd. suite 106

Los Angeles CA, 90045

Direct: 310-216-3067

Fax: 310-216-4311

 <http://www.abcoconsulting.com/> www.abcoconsulting.com /
<http://www.abcotechnology.com/> www.abcotechnology.com


 <mailto:hbell at abcoconsulting.com> hbell at abcoconsulting.com



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