[Volunteers] feedback from SVLUG website

Doyle, Meghan mdoyle at techtarget.com
Mon Jul 11 12:28:05 PDT 2005

Dear Webmaster,


            My name is Meghan Doyle and I am contacting you regarding
your SVLUG site at <http://www.svlug.org>

I was recently directed to your site and found the content to be very
informative.  I believe that you will find our web property, Search
Enterprise Linux-  <http://searchenterpriselinux@techtarget.com>,
genuinely useful for your http://www.svlug.org audience.  I would like
you to consider linking to our site or informing your users of our


Tech Target maintains a branded network of 26 Web properties catering to
all levels of professionals working with IT products or making IT
related decisions.  Search Enterprise Linux is a specific search
engine/portal for IT pros. It includes tips and an online chat with
Linux professionals.  I believe the site will be a value-added
contribution to your site because it contains original content on Linux
related topics that your visitors are looking for.


      Link Information:
            Title- SearchEnterpriseLinux

Description- Linux specific search engine/portal for IT pros. Includes
tips and  online chat with Linux professionals.


We look forward to any feedback on the site and the possibility of
working with you for a mutually beneficial relationship.  I can be
reached via email or phone.  Please do not hesitate to call me with any


Best Wishes,


Meghan Doyle
mdoyle at techtarget.com


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