[Volunteers] [Officers] Wireless Access Point for meetings

Chris Verges chverges at cisco.com
Sun Jul 10 07:40:25 PDT 2005

J. Paul Reed wrote:

>Who is providing the DHCP? I'd expect to get a call from Symantec IT if they see 50-60 IPs get sent to their conference center. It would be nice if the box could provide DHCP/NAT services; does it do this, or?
We can provide internal DHCP ... I'm not sure if the access point itself 
provides NAT services, but I can easily have a little 800 series router 
that we use for that.  No worries, I'll set this up.  :-)

>Do we need NTP?
Some people's laptops automatically run ntpclient on boot-up.  If NTP is 
not enabled, it can make their startup time increase by over a minute 
while ntpclient is timing out.  So I figured NTP is a relatively 
harmless protocol and should be enabled for everyone's peace of mind.

>As Bill suggested, IRC is good; the only issue I have with that is someone going into an IRC channel that *isn't* freenode, and pissing someone off, and them trying to DoS the connection; that would get us in trouble. I wonder if we can specify a specific freenode server?
Absolutely.  If you give me the server's DNS and/or IP addresses along 
with the IRC TCP/UDP port(s), I can allow access only to that specific 
host.  That should be enough security, I think.  I've just never used 
IRC, so I don't even know the port ranges needed.

>We should still talk about how to announce this; I want to have a balance between people being able to use the net during meeting, and people completely ignoring the speakers.
>Meetings != Hacking Society.
I think that the nature of our meetings will pretty much balance this 
out.  You're not going to find many people drive all the way out to the 
meetings just for an Internet connection, ya know?  :-)  That would be a 
waste of a good two hours.

Since the group is technologically oriented, however, I think that some 
things -- like checking e-mail, browsing the web for topics the 
presenter brings up, simple chat to keep entertained during 
boring/irrelevant marketing segments -- are bound to happen.  I just 
don't see the SVLUG meetings becoming a "Internet free for all".


Chris Verges
chverges at cisco.com
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