[Volunteers] [Officers] Wireless Access Point for meetings

J. Paul Reed preed at svlug.org
Sat Jul 9 21:45:27 PDT 2005

On 07 Jul 2005 at 13:18:29, Chris Verges arranged the bits on my disk to say:

>     ESSID: svlug
>     Allowed Traffic:
>        DHCP    UDP     67   <--- client requests only!

Who is providing the DHCP? I'd expect to get a call from Symantec IT if
they see 50-60 IPs get sent to their conference center. It would be nice if
the box could provide DHCP/NAT services; does it do this, or?

>        NTP     UDP     123

Do we need NTP?

>     * What other type of traffic should be allowed?  We are definitely
>       NOT allowing:

As Bill suggested, IRC is good; the only issue I have with that is someone
going into an IRC channel that *isn't* freenode, and pissing someone off,
and them trying to DoS the connection; that would get us in trouble. I
wonder if we can specify a specific freenode server?

We should still talk about how to announce this; I want to have a balance
between people being able to use the net during meeting, and people
completely ignoring the speakers.

Meetings != Hacking Society.

Silicon Valley Linux Users' Group
preed at svlug.org

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