[Volunteers] "*** of the Month"

Rick Moen rick at linuxmafia.com
Thu Jul 7 12:34:06 PDT 2005

Quoting J. Paul Reed (preed at svlug.org):

> I'm going to ask for other opinions on this; I understand that it's derived
> from a military term which is a... colorful acronym.

As it turns out, no.  It entered popular American usage from Bill
Holman's coinage as a fanciful nonsense-word in Holman's Smokey Stover
comic strip (early to mid-1900s).

> On the other hand, I really like the ambiguity "Foo of the month" allows
> us, and the fact of the matter is that foo, bar, baz, etc. are all terms
> that are used within the open source community quite frequently, and
> without any reference to the original acronym.
> In some sense, we've made it ours.

The obligatory (tiresome) objection is that hackish usage is elitist,
and must be avoided on those grounds: I'm sure that, as I catch up on
this thread, I'll find someone here making that argument and urging
something bland, instead.

Bland usually wins in group dynamics where just about any objection is
allowed veto power.

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