[Volunteers] SVLUG Volunteers meeting minutes, 21 June 2005

J. Paul Reed preed at svlug.org
Mon Jul 4 20:54:07 PDT 2005

Sorry for getting these out so late; we'll be having another dinner this
month on July 19th; everyone's invited.

More info on that after this month's meeting (this Wednesday!)

A special thanks to Bill Kendrick for taking these minutes!

SVLUG Volunteer Meeting 2005-06-21
21 June 2005

In attendance:

Jim Dennis
Melissa Hardenbrook
Bill Kendrick
Ian Kluft
Rick Moen
Paul Reed
Heather Stern
Bill Ward

Discussion areas: website, monthly meeting, outreach, organization


* Website is getting outdated (lacks CSS, lots of table overuse, SSI)
* Utilizes "webfetch" perl module to grab RSS/news scraping/etc.
* It is in RCS; access is mediated -- needs shell acct in 'webslave' unix 
  group; check work into RCS
* svlug-news.txt is fetched and processed by webfetch to show news on front 
  page, as well
* It'd be nice to prototype new site using CSS layout
* Rick has been documenting "how to maintain the website"
* Heather offered to create a subdomain on starshinne to prototype mockup
* Bill W pointed out we should come up with requirements
* SVLUG should _provide_ RSS feeds -- webfetch can generate them!
* Bill W wants a mechanism (wiki, blog) so people can _easily_ provide content.
* Paul mentioned www.cplug.org has a cute 'bash interface' theme.
* And CPLUG has 'members pages' where they can provide fun/interesting bio info.
* Bill K suggested using something like Slash to provide a 'news' page.  
  Heather suggested a wiki like MoinMoin to provide something like that -- it 
  has access control.
* Heather will set up prototype.  Ian will set up Twiki & slauth (which can 
  integrate w/ mailman).  We will try both out & pick which works best -- 
  ease of use, scalability, themability, etc.
* Maybe provide mediawiki "front page" (with bookmarks, etc.) as a web service 
  to (new) users


* Bill W suggests to expand scope of svlug (e.g. hacking society)
* Maybe have snacks / food at meeting?
* Probably  don't want to get sponsors for places like the conf. center,
  due to longterm viability issues. 

* What works/doesn't at the meeting?
  -- Some speakers annoyed that they don't get to start right at 7pm.
  -- Set start time (e.g. 7:30 -- carpool lanes don't end til 7)
  -- Send "so, you're speaking at svlug" info to speakers, to let them know 
     what to expect
  -- Assign "coordinator" to take care of each speaker (sometimes someone who 
     already knows them)

* Meeting format: PenLUG's "Member Minutes" is good, but SVLUG's too big.
* BUT... have a yearly meeting specifically for that... give numerous members
  10min each to talk (BayLISA does this)
* PenLUG also does "app of the month"

* New meeting format: meeting is 7-9
  + Org stuff/etc 7-7:30
  + Speaker 7:30-8:30
  + Flux for Q&A, job corner, final anncments, wrap-up 8:30-9
  + Exodus to go get food (and to not impose on the hosts) 9:15

* Bill W & Heather to work on "app of the month" coordination (to happen 
  before main speaker, starting at the next meeting)... "for newbies"


* Melissa asked about "new [to linux] users"
* SVLUG should do outreach to new & younger users.
* Bill K mentioned conferences lugod goes to.
* Paul talked about SVLUG 'subversive' events, like MS protests & "launch 
  microsoft" rocket event
* CPLUG had "Free your machine" (installest) and "Secure your machine" 
  (various sessions/tracts); maybe SVLUG should have training sessions?
* Heather talked about LUG presence at computer shows.  People buying PC parts 
  will notice Linux.
* Paul mentioned NYLUG wants to be sister LUGs.  (Maybe have simultaneous 
* Jim talked about "quick problem solver"/"how to install" prelude 
  presentation on a similar subject to the main talk; "Foo of the month"
* As a data point, NYLUG gets higher attendance at meetings when member 
  presents (vs company)
* Bill W suggested free training class, sponsored by local training for Linux 
  class (not lecture). Concerned about marketing content.
* Paul was thinking about having an SVLUG event once a week (i.e. main mtg, 
  hacking society, classes?)
* Paul will think about monthly or quarterly classes.
* Flyers :)
* Bill K talked about LUGOD
* Melissa mentioned Farmers Markets work well for walk-up attendance
* Downtown SJ wireless could be good for that
* Bill W mentioned city event mailings (which list, e.g. swimming classes for 
  kids) -- can we do events via those?
* Paul brought up money -- for food, events, etc.?  Should we put together a 
* Heather suggested let's "revamp our image" 
* Jim likes that we've been big and run for a long time w/o ever having money
* We lack people & enthusiasm, not money


* Paul asks: what can SVLUG the org do to make volunteers' lives easier?
* Right now, webmaster mail (to volunteers list) from non-members is moderated 
  & requires approval.  Currently worth that annoyance to keep volunteers
  together (for now).  Figure out how to handle this -- maybe take advantage 
  of moderator vs. admin. privileges.
* Heather wants us all to look at the old "Policy" page and make suggestions 
  for updates.
* Volunteers meetings once a month for now, then switch to every other
* Third Tues seems to work for people, so next: July 19th

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