[svlug] Richard M. Stallman has resigned from FSF and from MIT CSAIL

Dan Ritter dsr at randomstring.org
Thu Sep 19 09:10:36 PDT 2019

Sarah Newman wrote: 
> On 9/18/19 11:54 PM, Rick Moen wrote:
> > Quoting Michael Eager (eager at eagerm.com):
> > 
> >> Everybody else in the Epstein-MIT scandal is using measured and
> >> carefully crafted language to comment on the situation, specifically
> >> to avoid further inflaming the situation and causing more damage.
> > 
> > I appreciate people doing so.  Speaking for myself, even in posting the
> > news summary [/me checks time stamp] very early on Tuesday after barely
> > having heard the story and doing only about an hour of wide reading, I
> > pretty much stuck to the bare factual details and, while correctly
> > observing that much of the coverage was inaccurate, provided direct
> > links to _primary documentation_, so readers could judge for themselves.
> > I carefully avoided the highly contentious bad-parsing of Stallman's
> > csail-related postings that IMO has been and is being a problem
> > elsewhere.
> I didn't really pay much attention to Stallman's outside of his writings before this happened. Having read through his history now, I feel very sorry 
> for all the women in the CS department at MIT.
> I interviewed at the MIT media lab for graduate school in 2003 but was not accepted. In retrospect, maybe that was a good thing.

It turns out that the women of MIT learned that RMS is allergic
to certain plants, and resorted to growing them in their offices
in order to deter him.

It's pretty clear that RMS is not just a socially-clueless nerd, 
but a missing stair.

While I am hopeful that he eventually learns to deal with
humanity, he's not my problem -- and now he's not MIT's or FSF's
problem, either.


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