[svlug] wayland and escape sequences

Michael Eager eager at eagerm.com
Thu May 30 15:31:52 PDT 2019

On 5/30/19 2:54 PM, Akkana Peck wrote:
> Another Openbox user here, plus I use ssh -X for talking to
> headless Raspberry Pis. I have some sympathy for the "X is old and
> crufty and should be replaced" viewpoint, but replacing it with
> something that doesn't offer a choice of window managers and doesn't
> have a remote protocol doesn't sound like a win.

There seem to be a bunch of Wayland compatible compositors:

RDP and VNC protocols are either available now or will be soon.  Since I 
use X2Go a good bit, I'd hope that NX will follow, but that may require 
an X server on top of Wayland.

I use Fedora/KDE which supports Wayland (and vice versa).  I use an 
Nvidia card with the proprietary drivers, which AIUI, are not yet 
supported, but will be Real Soon Now.

> On the other hand, for about the last two decades (or has it been
> even longer?), there have been projects that claimed they were going
> to replace X and we'd all have to switch Real Soon Now. I'm sure
> some day it will happen, but I don't get the impression Wayland is
> going to manage it in the next year or two; I don't think it's time
> to panic quite yet.

Imminent death of net predicted.  Film at eleven.

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