[svlug] wayland and escape sequences

Michael Eager eager at eagerm.com
Thu May 30 09:31:02 PDT 2019

On 5/30/19 8:50 AM, mark wrote:
> FAQ here: https://wayland.freedesktop.org/faq.html
> The paragraph “What is Wrong with X?” might help explain the aim of the 
> Wayland project.

I recall attending a talk about X, the new and improved windowing 
system.  Sun was moving from NeWS, their PostScript-based windowing 
system, to X11.  IIRC, at the time I was working on a brand new Sun 
4/110: 20MHz(?) CPU, 32Mb RAM, 347Mb SCSI disk, big (16") Sony Trinitron 
high-res (1280x1024?) monitor, 10Mbs coax Ethernet.

The basic problem with X is that it was designed 3+ decades ago.  It's 
amazing that it still works today.  I'm writing this email over an "ssh 
-X" connection, and it's very responsive.

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