[svlug] (forw) [DNG] Linux system can be brought down by sending SIGILL to Systemd

Sarah Newman newmans at sonic.net
Fri May 24 16:18:54 PDT 2019

On 5/24/19 2:04 PM, Rick Moen wrote:

> ----- Forwarded message from Martin Steigerwald <martin at lichtvoll.de> -----

> This is another reason for me to start to provide Devuan VMs in the 
> Proxmox VE environment I use to provide VMs of various distributions to 
> the participants of my trainings. So participants can have a look at it 
> and do exercises with it if they like. I already started to incorporate 
> information about Devuan in some of my slides.

Anyone have opinions on whether Devuan worth it compared to just removing systemd? We make Debian images without systemd (except for udev, udev is
still systemd) and they work.


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