[svlug] (forw) [NBLUG/Announce] Meeting at Sonic at 7 Tuesday March 12: Kyle Rankin - The Cloud is Just Another Sun

Rick Moen rick at linuxmafia.com
Thu Mar 7 20:11:48 PST 2019

Even though Santa Rosa's pretty far, I'm passing this along because of
the apt and timely (IMO) topic, not to mention that Kyle Rankin's always
an excellent speaker.

Many NBLUG meetings in the recent past have been streamed (though this
is one of the first at a new meeting location), so maybe this will be,
too.  Inquire on #nblug (Freenode) if interested.

Speaking of:  SCALE 17x started today in Pasadena.  Sometimes they
live-stream presentations, notably keynotes, as well.  I don't have
information about that, but will point out the conference's Twitter
stream:  https://twitter.com/socallinuxexpo

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Topic: The Cloud is Just Another Sun
When: Tuesday March 12th, 7:00 PM to 8:30 PM          
Speaker: Kyle Rankin

Location: Sonic, 2260 Apollo Way Santa Rosa, CA 95407 through metal gate,
arrive by 7 and see http://nblug.org/locations for more information

You could reasonably call cloud services the crowning achievement in the world of Free and Open Source software. Linux and Free and Open Source software killed proprietary UNIXes in bare metal data centers and went on to dominate cloud services to such a point that it has even caused Microsoft to completely change their stance and embrace Linux and Free and Open Source software or risk the future of Azure and arguably the future of their company.

Yet in many ways, this dominance has also bred complacence in the community. On top of all of those Linux instances are many proprietary services, abstraction layers and APIs that make cloud services easy to use for developers, but also turn them into the largest-scale proprietary operating system on the planet, where the network is the computer. Left unchecked, this proprietary operating system has the potential to undo the achievements Open Source software has made in the past two decades.

The FOSS community has seen this "network is the computer" pattern before with Sun Microsystems and Solaris--a proprietary UNIX operating system that administrators ultimately loaded up with GNU software and free software services before deploying to the data center. Instead of Linux images running your dynamic Rails application or Docker container you ran CGIs in Apache and portable Java apps in Tomcat. Instead of disposable instances you had hot-swappable CPUs and RAM. Instead of S3 you had NFS. Expert users would use well-documented but proprietary CLI tools and libraries to interact with the OS and manage their free software processes. Yet in the end, administrators were subject to the roadmaps, whims, pricing structures, expensive hardware, and overall vendor lock-in from Sun. For all of Sun's talented engineers and sophisticated hardware and software, the freedom and values from Linux and Free and Open Source software combined with low-price commodity hardware ultimately dominated the server room.

This keynote is part history lesson and part rallying cry. Proprietary OSes and services aren't dead, they just morphed into the cloud. By remembering why Linux was important in the age of Solaris, we can apply those lessons to cloud services before their proprietary APIs and vendor lock-in risk undoing the freedom, open standards, and overall progress our community has made over the last 20 years.

Directions to Sonic / Sonic.com / Sonic.net at 2260 Apollo Way, Santa Rosa, CA 95407:
By car: From the US-101/CA-12 junction in central Santa Rosa, take CA-12 westbound 1 mile to the second exit, exiting left (south) onto Stony Point Road, proceeding one long block to turn right (west) onto Sebastopol Road. Proceed 1/2 mile to turn left (south) onto Corporate Center Pkwy. Proceed 1/3 mile (4 blocks) to turn left (east) onto Apollo Way. Sonic is on the right.

You're looking for a metal gate at the end of a small-ish parking lot facing the road. Note: We're working out signage but it may not yet be in place for the March meeting so we'll probably have someone loitering out there until 7. If you arrive late you won't be able to get through the gate. If you suspect you may be late please contact one of us by email ahead of time. We'll work out a better system for future meetings.
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