[svlug] -who option

Rob Landley rob at landley.net
Sun Mar 3 10:31:17 PST 2019

On 3/3/19 12:12 PM, Mehma Sarja wrote:
>     Michael it seems to me that an attempt at bringing together all possible
>     sources of "documentation" creates a heavy on-going burden on the mule. I
>     want a personal insight/s into the development of the utility.  I am not
>     trying to capture documentation, instead an experience. For example, why was
>     it named such, who or what prompted you to write or improve it, were you
>     trying to scratch an itch or did something inspire you, were you in some
>     dire situation which forced your solution, did you have an epiphany, why did
>     you collaborate, did you learn a language to accomplish the task or you
>     wanted a project after mastering a language, did you have a mentor or
>     tormentor that made you do it, did your family or someone inspire you. 
> As you can see, this has very little to do with documentation as we think about it.

Have you tried the Software Heritage Project's "universal code archive"?



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