[svlug] -who option

Rob Landley rob at landley.net
Sat Mar 2 14:58:16 PST 2019

This information is already out there.

history of grep:

history of ls:

history of cat:

And so on. (Computer history is a hobby of mine, although
https://landley.net/history/mirror is sadly out of date...)


On 3/2/19 4:43 PM, Erik Steffl wrote:
>    Backward compatibility would be ruined.
>    Possibly --who might work (off the top of my head there are no 
> commands that use have this option). Or maybe something even less likely 
> to clash with other options like --who-did-it or something...
>    Seems like a pollution of commands though, while history is 
> interesting there are better places for it, like wikipedia, 
> documentation etc.
> 	erik
> On 3/2/19 2:24 PM, Mehma Sarja wrote:
>> Hi LUGers,
>> As the people who were around back when OSS started in earnest start keeling over, we should formalize our history. I propose we have a “-who” option for Linux commands which documents the history and people related to each command.
>> For example “ls” would get a new option “ls -who” which would provide a history of the command and the people behind it.
>> I can get the effort started by hitting a few well known ones and we can all comment on it. Then we can ask maintainers add the dash option to their projects.
>> Yudhvir Singh Sidhu
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