[svlug] (forw) installation problem

Rick Moen rick at linuxmafia.com
Wed Jul 10 21:53:58 PDT 2019

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Date: Wed, 10 Jul 2019 20:53:14 -0700
From: Bob <robtsiegfried at gmail.com>
To: mailman-owner-owner at lists.svlug.org
Subject: installation problem

Kind folks,

I have run into a problem beyond my capacity to solve (low bar, that).
Installing Fedora 30 Workstation on my computer, I get the following:

[ OK ] Started Show Plymouth Boot Screen.

. . .

[ OK ] Started Monitoring of LVM2ë dmeventd or progress polling.

[Failed] Failed to start LVM2 PV scan on device 8:18.

See 'systemctl status lvm2-pvscan at 8:18.service' for details.

[Failed] Failed to start LVM2 PV on device 259:3.

See 'systemctl status lvm2-pvscan at 259:3.service' for details.

[Failed] Failed to start LVM2 PV on device 259:2.

See 'systemctl status lvm2-pvscan at 259:2.service' for details.

[Failed] Failed to start LVM2 PV on device 8:3.

See 'systemctl status lvm2-pvscan at 8:3.service' for details.

[ OK ] Started udev Wait for Complete Device Initialization.

[ OK ] from here on

This system previously ran Fedora 30. I swapped out 2 spin drives for
a new spin drive and an SSD because one of the old drives developed a
bad sector. A pair of M.2's are also in the system. All four old
components were previously operating under Fedora 30. The only way I
can get the system to install and boot now is to install only on the
spin drive, leaving the M.2's and the SSD unutilized.

The only other info that seems relevant is that the new spin drive
constantly get set up as sda, and the SSD as sdb each time I attempt
an install trying to use both drives. I have tried installs with all
possible combinations of storage components.

All suggestions appreciated,


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