[svlug] Selenium - automated craigslist ad management

alvin oga mailinglists17 at gmail.com
Mon Jan 22 15:53:38 PST 2018


got a silly task to post/manage dozens/hundreds of ads to craigslists
and i do not want to manage it manually and still do best effort to comply
to CL Terms

along the way, past 15+ years, i get irritated by "duplicate ads" and took
a couple days to write a python + selenimum automated CL ad flagger
( fyi: i've not written python code from scratch ... never seen selenium ..

eg.  se.flagger.py  -d -d -d -l city -u "computer services" -b -t ... etc

some cities and categories is full of CL ToU abusers ..

if anybody else is interested in flagging CL abusers, it's released at

multiple people need to flag the ads before anything happens to it

# additional code not yet released, not sure if it's good or bad to do so
- se.postbot -- automatically post ads from "/usr/local/CLads/... "
- se.renew ---- automatically renew CL ads requiring renewal ... need 2b
sanitized b4 release

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