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Organization: If you lived here, you'd be $HOME already.

Forwarding back some further comments I made on GoLUG's discussion list:

> o  Radicale.  Written in Python 3.3 w/pip (yay), and is _small_.

One of the reasons it's _literally_ light and small enough to run off a
Raspberry Pi is that the project scope was to provide support for
hosting multiple users' iCalendar (*.ics) files (using CalDAV protocol)
and vCard v. 3.0 (*.vcf) address books / virtual business card files
(using CardDAV protocol), but does _not_ provide Web-mediated real-time
editing of those file contents, _just_ hosting for them.  In other words,
it's purely a Web-mediated server, with no client (e.g., Web-client)

Early in the development of Radicale (0.x), two friendly forks, Calypso
and Xandikos, arose to address perceived lacks.  I have doubts about
their current relevance relative to current Radicale 2.1.8, but they

https://keithp.com/blogs/calypso/  Calypso, Keith Packard's fork of 0.63:
   most notable change is back-end git storage instead of monolithic
   file storage.  Calypso also added VCARD/CardDAV, but Radicale
   also has that, since 0.7.1, thanks to Packard's help.

https://www.jelmer.uk/xandikos-intro.html  Xandikos, Jelmer Vernooij's
   _fork of_ Packard's fork, attempting to refactor the Radicale/Calypso
   code, extend some standards support, and test with a broader range
   of clients.

   Xandikos is the name for the month of March in the ancient Macedonian
   calendar: Ξανδικός 

   I have no idea why a Samba developer from the Netherlands is naming
   projects for obscure classical references.  Possibly all the good names
   were taken.

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