[svlug] [svlug-announce] SVLUG Jan. 17th meeting: Louis Imershein on Inline Dedupe & Compression for Linux Block Storage

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Tue Jan 16 04:16:30 PST 2018


Wednesday, January 17th, 2018
7 - 8:30pm


TOPIC: Inline Dedupe & Compression for Linux Block Storage

PRESENTED BY: Louis Imershein,
Principal Product Manager for Data Reduction Technologies, Red Hat


Data deduplication and compression can increase the capacity of storage,
allowing users make more efficient use of existing storage, and to make
new fast storage more affordable.  Traditionally, these data-reduction
technologies have been available in proprietary storage systems, but
more recently they've made their way into open source, with projects
such as ZFS and btrfs, as well as with backup-specific applications such
as OpenDedupe (http://opendedup.org/).  Each of these has issues:  Either
they are resource hogs, or they are designed to address limited use
cases.  The Virtual Data Optimizer
(https://access.redhat.com/ecosystem/software/1484263) dm-vdo) is a new
open source project from Red Hat that provides inline data reduction for
primary storage to the Linux block-storage stack.  Its intended for use
in active virtualization and/or container workloads, with minimal impact
to performance and resources.  This talk will introduce dm-vdo, describe
how it works, and detail resource requirements & effectiveness for
different use cases and performance impact.

SVLUG is pleased to co-sponsor this presentation with Silicon Valley
Linux Technology Meetup


Louis Imershein (http://permabit.com/author/limershein/) is Principal
Product Manager for Data Reduction Technologies at Red Hat
(https://www.redhat.com/).  Louis came to Red Hat with 11 years of
product management experience in the data reduction software developed
by Permabit Technology Corporation (http://permabit.com/), a company
that supplied deduplication and compression technology to major storage
manufacturers.  Red Hat acquired the assets of Permabit in August, 2017.


 Cavium cafeteria
 2315 N 1st St. (corner of Charcut Ave.)
 north San Jose

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 http://www.svlug.org/directions/cavium.php    <--- maps here!

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La Victoria Taqueria, 1415 N 4th St. near Gish Road, San Jose.
Go south 0.7 miles on N. 1st St. under US-101, then turn half-left
onto Matrix Blvd., in 0.3 miles a slight right onto N. 4th Street,
0.5 miles to La Victoria on your right just before Gish Road.

We look forward to seeing you there!

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