[svlug] gmail and fetchmail (and anonymity)

Ivan Sergio Borgonovo mail at webthatworks.it
Tue Jan 2 05:27:36 PST 2018

I'm used to download gmail mail via fetchmail.

I heard they implemented some new kind of authentication but they didn't 
apply it to old accounts. I even wonder what that could mean for POP3 
and IMAP.

Now google is frequently blocking download on "security concern" and 
sending me several "security alert".

In Activity it list "Unknown device" with the IP of my home connection 
and a reasonably good guess about my location.

I rarely log in via web but it seems google has become more paranoid and 
started to ask additional questions before you can log in (from which 
city you generally log in? what is your phone number?) and that's 
becoming an annoying issue to manage a barely anonymous presence on the net.

Any advice? Clue? Alternative?

Ivan Sergio Borgonovo
http://www.webthatworks.it http://www.borgonovo.net

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