[svlug] arduino + drone fun

Rob Landley rob at landley.net
Mon Sep 25 04:10:46 PDT 2017

On 09/24/2017 01:15 AM, Rick Moen wrote:
> Want to put money down on the adequacy in September 2018 of exactly the
> measures I mention in http://linuxmafia.com/faq/Debian/openrc-conversion.html?
> I mean, you could be right.

Things break unless humans regression test them. I regularly send "hey,
you broke X" emails to people (kernel devs, qemu devs, libc devs...)
because they keep breaking stuff and not noticing until I poke them.
(The embedded world at large waits for crazy people like me to try the
new stuff, and then they install stuff trailing anywhere from 18 months
to in extreme cases 7 years).

If people are using non-systemd on debian, it'll get fixed when they
break it. Given that devuan seems to basically be debian with something
like your conversion applied to the install image, presumably they'll
poke upstream when they inevitably break stuff.

If the devuan guys fork away from debian to the point debian doesn't get
feedback, and it manages to suck away all the non-systemd guys, then
yeah then debian would break. But it seems unlikely.

(That said, these days I'm using devuan chroots/containers rather than
debian ones when I need something newer than ubuntu 14.04. It's easier
and cleaner than ripping systemd it out of debian, and my response to
systemd remains somewhere between "death first" and "android as a dev
environment is more appealing". I _don't_ regularly test current debian,
and if devuan stopped working I'd probably put more effort into
workstation android than try to fix it...)


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