[svlug] arduino + drone fun

Rick Moen rick at linuxmafia.com
Sat Sep 23 19:20:43 PDT 2017

Quoting Steve Litt (slitt at troubleshooters.com):

> IIRC your special formula was 6 lines. But the number of lines is
> immaterial, as I'll get to later in this post...

You do _not_ recall correctly.  Two lines to install one init system and
remove the other -- as I said:  apt-get install and apt-get remove.

An additional four lines were -- as very clearly explained on the page
in question -- an embellishment beyond that deed, additions to
/etc/apt/preferences.d/systemd to enforce a local policy that the
undesired package must never be installed via resolution of dependency
under any circumstances.  This is not necessary if one merely pays
attention to what dependencies are being installed and says 'n' if they
are not to one's liking.

Of the four lines to enforce that policy, two would always be there to
accomplish that additional goal.  Two others would be needed only in
specific multiarch situations.

And this is not a 'special formula'.  It's bog-standard, totally obvious
apt-get mechanics such as deb-using disto admins use every day.

> That's not what I told you. What I told you was that Debian, at any
> time, could pull the rug out from under your apt-foo, at which time
> your choices become very much more constrained.

No, sir.  That was your _fallback_ position.

That was when you switched to doing the Ivanova bit:  'No boom today.
Boom tomorrow.  There's always a boom tomorrow.  What?  Look, somebody's
got to have some damned perspective around here.  Boom.  Sooner or
later, BOOM!'  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fEsFB2GPy24

And you've been saying that since May 2016, when I published
http://linuxmafia.com/faq/Debian/openrc-conversion.html in part to test
whether your earlier claim was correct, and find that it was simply not.
In the earlier iteration of the claim, you and a bunch of other people
had been going around since the days when Debian 8 'Jessie' was still
the Testing branch, claiming that what I documented there wouldn't work.
I guess y'all just never bothered to try.

Meanwhile, returning to present-day matters:  No boom, Steve.

Also, managing package dependencies using equivs, unofficial package
repos, etc., isn't brain surgery -- and, if you-generic can't figure
that out, you-generic can nonethless follow other people's directions.

> Meanwhile, deleted from the quoted context of my email was the fact
> that both Void Linux and Devuan install on the Raspberry Pi, so Debian
> and Raspbian just aren't necessities anymore.

1. I simply had no comment I desired to make about that.
2. Moreover, nobody claimed either of those distributions was ever a necessity.

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