[svlug] cryptocurr + arduino + drone fun

Rick Moen rick at linuxmafia.com
Fri Sep 22 23:13:50 PDT 2017

Quoting alvin oga (mailinglists17 at gmail.com):

> > Maybe you're new to such matters, which is of course entirely
> > welcome and fine:
> "new" ?
> i've been designing and building "micro computers" predating the 4004,
> 4040, 8080, 186, 286, the new magical 386, etc  .. than the world woke
> up predating as in building computers from discrete ALU, nand, nor
> gates etc and this new thing called the CRT "forked from the
> television"

I was being nice, Alvin, making the charitable assumption that a rather
dumb statement about needing a 'custom Linux distro' for RPi reflected a
lack of knowledge about Raspberry Pi distributions.  If you'd prefer to
assert that it was a _knowingly_ dumb statement, fine.   Have it your

> IMO, you ought to do preparatory reading before planning a project.
> i'm not the project planner ... i'm the hired outside hand-or-head ..

OK, then:  You ought to do preparatory reading before being the hired
outside hand-or-head.

If, by contrast, you'd rather not know what you're doing, good luck with
that -- but then, you're rather unlikely to get useful feedback from the
Linux community.

Anyway, if your project planner seriously plans to do any of the things
you mentioned using Raspberry Pis, let alone Arduinos, then you need to
upgrade your project planner, IMO.

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