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hi ya rick

On Thu, Sep 21, 2017 at 2:27 PM, Rick Moen <rick at linuxmafia.com> wrote:

> Quoting alvin oga (mailinglists17 at gmail.com):
> > original task: build itty-bitty customO, key requirement ~25MB (
> > twenty-five ) bootable and online updatable image running in memory for
> > raspberryPi or your favorite hw with "set of hw and sw features".. no
> > problems yet..
> RPis are low-CPU[1], low-RAM[2] machines that are lovely for some things,
> but
> crypto is demanding exactly in the area they are deficient by design.

crypto project is obviously separate hw box .. duh

Your suggestion of making a 'custom Linux distro' for them seems even
> odder.

- listen, recommend, negotiate and build per paying customer requirements
within reason

> Why do Raspbian and the like not suffice?  Or just supplemental
> package repos?  You don't say.

some info is "need to know" or "too much info" or "not applicable per
specs" etc

> Maybe you're new to such matters, which
> is of course entirely welcome and fine:

"new" ?

i've been designing and building "micro computers" predating the 4004,
4040, 8080, 186, 286, the new magical 386, etc  .. than the world woke up

predating as in building computers from discrete ALU, nand, nor gates etc
and this new thing called the CRT "forked from the television"

predating as in writing machine language or assembly language

predating as in writing our own dip switch io drivers, screen drivers,
keyboard drivers, cassette drivers, paper tape drivers,  washing machine
disk drivers, mag tape drivers, etc decade(?) before ami bios and hundreds
of other BIOS's

IMO, you ought to do preparatory reading before planning a project.

i'm not the project planner ... i'm the hired outside hand-or-head ..

i go with the flow from those changing the specs as they go as long as they
cut the check and understand the consequences of changing specs and
evaluated other possible "better" options

more info ... think "RollJam" .. think "Software defined radio" ...
combine, stir, add widgets and bake for 3-6months and deliver new hardware

cryptocurrency ico to raise funds and international payment of services

c ya
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