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hi ya r

On Tue, Sep 19, 2017 at 1:19 AM, Rick Moen <rick at linuxmafia.com> wrote:

> Quoting alvin oga (mailinglists17 at gmail.com):
> > it has grown into: make a custom linux distro run on handheld RaspberryPi
> > and/or Arduino ( never touched it b4 yesterday ) for motion sensors,
> light
>   ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
> > sensors, sound sensors, wifi, sms, drone detectors, HackRF, SDR, etc
> Huh?
> Arduinos have many uses, and are mavelous for managing external digital
> and analog input/output.  However, an Arduino has no operating system,
> and the CPUs & RAM are not capable of running Linux.
> https://www.quora.com/Which-operating-system-is-Arduino-run-under


 | Last, it's absolutely unclear why you would seem to make a 'custom Linux

> distro' in connection with all this.

original task: build itty-bitty customO, key requirement ~25MB (
twenty-five ) bootable and online updatable image running in memory for
raspberryPi or your favorite hw with "set of hw and sw features".. no
problems yet..

than came the itty-bitty X009 $20 camera/sms/bluetooth/gps/etc to clone n
run onto Raspberry with cellphone tower, wifi and dsniff/etc .. still not a

than came, "make it run on arduino" because the hw is open source, but i
never having
used arduino b4, duh .. and thus, mucho problemos el jafe, por favor, esta
locos ..

lets c
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