[svlug] cryptocurr + arduino + drone fun

Rick Moen rick at linuxmafia.com
Tue Sep 19 01:19:47 PDT 2017

Quoting alvin oga (mailinglists17 at gmail.com):

> it has grown into: make a custom linux distro run on handheld RaspberryPi
> and/or Arduino ( never touched it b4 yesterday ) for motion sensors, light
> sensors, sound sensors, wifi, sms, drone detectors, HackRF, SDR, etc


Arduinos have many uses, and are mavelous for managing external digital
and analog input/output.  However, an Arduino has no operating system,
and the CPUs & RAM are not capable of running Linux.

While a couple of the Arduino Due series use 32-bit ARMv7 variants 
(most are 8-bit), none have anywhere near adequate RAM to run even the
smallest embedded Linux.  Nor would there be any point, since all
reasonable uses for Arduinos are RT applications interacting with
external hardware, and a native OS is neither needed nor useful for that.

You see:  An Arduino is not at all the same sort of thing as a RPi --
quite excellent in its own way, but just not the same sort of thing,
i.e., not a general purpose computer.  That having been said, depending
on what you're trying to achieve, you might find use for a RPi
controlling and programming an associated Arduino.

Last, it's absolutely unclear why you would seem to make a 'custom Linux
distro' in connection with all this.  It would be far smarter to see if
one of the existing software will do the job you intend, first.  It's
rather likely you haven't tried, or you would have understood why
Arduinos 'running Linux' makes no sense.

I'd suggest studying the basics before launching a grandiose project to
solve a problem someone else has probably already solved.

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