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Thu Sep 7 16:11:12 PDT 2017

hi svlug

just curious, or actually more than curious, is there anybody out in
SVLUG-land looking to play/work or already working in cryptocurrencies

i've looked ( 5minutes of poking around ) at OpenSourceCoin, PenguinCoin (
market cap of $286 or so ) , etc
--- think what would happen if you bought $150 of Peng coins :-)


# there's 1383 coins listed ( hashing methods used )

# bigger list of 2846 altcoins

- lets make yet another one :-)

- there's at least 5 cannabis related coins which also make "business"
sense, because it is still a schedule-1 drug ... the States with medical mj
should NOT be using cash ( paper or metal ) or credit cards for "illegal
activities" :-)

my crypto interests:

- i think some lost ( 42,000+ ) bitcoin addresses ( wallets ) may have
simple passphrases like "My dog has fleas" or "i hate my ex"
-- remember, the top-10 (regular) passwords, and bank pin#  is what ??

- i think 99% of all altcoins will probably be a pump-n-dump, but specific
coins for specific purposes or fundraising of R-n-D budgets at major corps
may survive along with bitcoin/ethereum ( which may be too big to fail ...
way too many newbie investors drooling at 1,000% return on investments )

- i think it should be ez enuff to demo 51% attacks and folks should be

- being a contrarian, i think having a mechanism to reverse some community
authorized and authenticated blockchain transactions, should be of some
value ( super master node ? ) vs the steadfast hands down, no you cannot
reverse a blockchain transaction  ...
--- aka probably somebody's PhD thesis ( blockchain-v2.0 ) on cryptocurrency

similarly, it'd be good to keep track of where the transaction came from

let's continue discussions offline ??

gigEnn.Sales at gmail.com
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